The Fencer and the Pressure Fighter

BoxingMind Workshop on 4th of April 2020

This workshop is in a way the natural progression from the last workshop (Inside Fighting and Dirty Boxing), but you can see it as an independent chapter too. It’s about situations every fighter has to deal with. It is also very much about the psychology of a fight.

We will see and practice strategies, principles, and techniques for dealing with two types of fighters: the “fencer” and the “pressure fighter.”

The “fencer” is an archetype for a fighter who keeps a longer range, solves problems from the outside, doesn’t really want to get into wild exchanges, plays with the rhythm, and usually trains himself to handle very technical situations.

The “pressure fighter” is in many ways the opposite: he likes to dominate by taking space from his opponent, closing the distance, breaking the opponent’s will by constantly coming forward, dictating the tempo of the action and the fight. This type of fighter usually has great stamina, and no fear of getting punched.

However these archetypes aren’t as simple as they may seem.  A pressure fighter can be very smart, and make clever traps for his opponent. Also a pressure fighter can have an excellent defense, and can be a great counter puncher as well.

Similarly, a fencer can be a dominant, aggressive, “first intention” kind of person.

We will explore different situations, some patterns that you could and should notice early in a fight, and some solutions of course.

We will have fun, and we will do some good work as well!

Please bring with you:

Boxing gloves, cup, mouth guard, towels, good shoes (that you feel yourself balanced in, not slippery or sticky) and comfortable training clothes.

See you there!

Place: Tristar Studio; Türkenstraße 13., 1090, Vienna
Time: 04.04.2020; 10-13h
Price: 20 Euro

One more thing: if you register, but for some reason still can’t come, please inform me! The number of participants is limited, so it’s possible some other people from the waiting list would be happy with the opportunity! Thank you!