The Art of Boxing

“We do not act rightly because we are excellent,
in fact we achieve “excellence” by acting rightly.”

Boxing is a martial art, even if most people don’t see it as such. What does that actually mean?

Fighting is a part of nature itself. It has been this way since the world began. And man has been preparing for combat, practicing combat, since ancient times. In the form of games and sports, fighting is part of human culture.

The history of boxing goes back thousands of years. Millions have practiced it, developed it, watched it, and spent time and energy refining it.

The difference between sport and martial arts is how we view what we do. If our goal is not to outdo the other, but to outdo ourselves, if we realize that no other real goal is possible, then we will be grateful to be able to practice boxing as a wonderful martial art. When we dive deep into our training, everything appears in a different light, everything takes on a reason and a meaning, and we learn to return to and exist in the present moment.