“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

My name is Marcell Szederkényi, I am a Martial Arts and Dharma Teacher and Philosopher of Religion. I studied and graduated at the Dharma Gate Buddhist College and have been practicing Martial Arts since my childhood.

I teach Boxing as a Martial Art, and Filipino Martial Arts:

  • Panantukan, also called Filipino Boxing
  • Kali, Filipino Stick Fighting

I think practicing Martial Arts is a great opportunaty to find stability in our life, and to arrive in the present moment. Practicing means to me first of all Self Realisation.

I am available for Private and Small Group Trainings in Vienna.

Tel.: +43 676 910 80 55
Email: jkdmarcell@gmail.com

Me, Marcell
Photo by Máté Czabán