Filipino Boxing Workshop

Filipino boxing, or Panantukan, is a beautiful, creative art with a lot of exciting exercises and manipulations. So it is really fun to do! Nowadays this art is having a renaissance; you can find a lot of videos about it.

My goal with this workshop is to go back to the source and see where this art comes  from, what kind of principles form the movements, and what kind of logic drives the techniques.

As I see it, it is very important that the techniques have to be applicable in a sparring situation. Not all the drills are 100%  designed for combat. There are exercises for other purposes too: to develop balance, mobility, fluidity, reflexes, rhythm and other skills. But it’s very important that you know which techniques are used for what purposes, and you shouldn’t believe in „magic”. The art should be clean and simple.

If you don’t see Panantukan techniques (which are not the principles!) in MMA or in boxing, this can mean different things: maybe they are there, but it is hard to see in the flow; the fighters does not know these technics, they do not practice these technics, so how could they use them? ; or the technics are not made for sport circumstances, because they cause severe injuries; or the techniques are useless. At this workshop we will deal with all these questions.

What do you need to bring with you?

Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves (if you have), Mouth Guard, Cup (if you like), Focus Mitts (if you have), and a Towel.

The Fee of the Workshop: 20 Euro

The Time of the Workshop: 13th of June 2020 , 10-13h

The Place: Tristyle Studio, Türkenstraße 13. , 1090 Vienna

See you there!