Boxing Workshop with Marcell

Dirty Boxing and Inside Fighting

Time: 18.01.2020, 10.00 – 13.00
Place: Tristyle Studio, Türkenstraße 13. , 1090, Vienna
Price: 20 Euro

Although boxing is a sport with strict rules, in the long and exciting history of this art many different styles have been crystallized by the many great fighters who chose to enter the ring. Many fighters came from poor environments, and very unfair circumstances. So they had to learn dirty boxing.

All of us have to live and fight within our talents and the opportunities available to us. Some guys are very fast, some are very powerful, some have great stamina, and some guys are very cunning.

Sometimes the way to success in boxing is not the method you like the most, but the method your opponent can’t handle.

Inside fighting is a style and an art you must learn if you want to be a well-rounded fighter. It means not just being close to your opponent—you have to close the distance, stay there and work, see and feel your opponent’s energy, set traps, and use your body in a different way than you do in long or mid range fighting.

At this workshop we will deal with these questions, and also learn some dirty tricks. Like it or not, you have to know as many dirty tricks as possible, because then you wont be surprised when the other guy does it.

We will deal with fighting strategies and approaches from fighters like Henry Armstrong, Roberto Duran, Andre Ward, Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather Jr. , Nick Diaz and others.

Straregies and technics from Filipino Boxing, also called Panantukan, will be a part of the workshop as well.

As always, it will be fun! See you there!

What you will need: boxing gloves, cup, mouthguard, towel, and something to drink.