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Boxing Seminar in Vienna

Bruce Lee’s famous “The 5 Ways Of Attack” in Boxing

Date & Time: 09.11.2019 , 10-13h
Place: Tristyle Studio, Türkenstraße 13, 1090 Vienna
Price: 20 Euro

We invite you to join us for a Boxing Seminar at TriStyle Studio. No previous boxing experience or knowledge is necessary. Everyone is welcome. We have a fun, friendly, and relaxed training environment where everyone works together to help each other become better martial artists.

The theme of this seminar is:

How to use Bruce Lee’s famous fighting principles “The 5 Ways Of Attack” in boxing.

What are these 5 Ways?

  • Single Direct Attack (SDA)
  • Attack by Combinations (ABC)
  • Progressive Indirect Attack (PIA)
  • Attack by Drawing (ABD)
  • Hand Immobilization Attack (HIA)

What does it mean in boxing? Which boxers used these ways? (A little bit about the history of boxing.) How can you apply these ways in your sparring and progress in boxing? Which of the 5 Ways is best in which case? Learn from the experiences of the best boxers of all time, and learn about yourself!

WHAT TO BRING: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, a hand towel, water, and a mouthpiece. If you have a pair of focus mitts, bring those also.

Sparring is not required, but we can do some very light sparring if you want to.

If you are interested in coming to the seminar, please email me and we will add your name to the list. The seminar is limited to 8 people, but we will make a waiting list and if someone cancels we will email you that a place has opened up for you. Also, if you sign up for the seminar but cannot come, please let us know so we can invite the next person on the list.

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